School of Design & Environment (SDE), NUS

Client: SDE
The School of Design and Environment (SDE) is a faculty from National University of Singapore(NUS) which offers a global approach to education and research. The school consists of 4 departments: Architecture, Division of Industrial Design, Project and Facilities Management and Real Estate.

The task was to revamp the SDE website and create promotional items to promote SDE during the NUS Open House, which held on 12&13 March 2011.
The approach was to have a clean, well organized and engaging on a visual level layout with a direct and easy to use navigation to overcome the overflowing of information. Together, the site's information architecture, design and content to provide a measured flow of information and guide students, staff and alumni to insights and resources. This involved the delivery of design and creation of the html templates as well as reusable page and design elements for implementation by internal teams at the SDE.

Further promoting SDE are the school's Facebook and print wall murals.,

Services included:
• jQuery sliding banners and navigation
• CSS + HTML Coding
• Graphic Design
• Information Architecture
• User Interface Design
• Web Design
• Facebook fan page with FBML/iframe

SDE: Wall Murals

Aside from website development, was the creation of mural as the promotional mediums to increase the awareness of the SDE of 4 departments for the Open House. This was achieved by taking a graphical approach in the design, presenting the information in an organised, structured and media-viable way. The murals were displayed at Somerset MRT station and NUS Open House, which brings together 4 departments in overview.