QuQu & MuMu: Icon, Packaging, Print

QuQu & MuMu is a couple character specially designed for Valentines Day. The characters presented in different life stages of the couple from being a baby to growing old. Examples of products depicting the character include the chocolate & cookies packaging, calendar poster & pop-up standy/bookmark. Each product is printed with calendar on kraft paper as a means of promoting recycling.

The character:
QuQu is considered to be the smarter, more logical one who likes to play robot toy. Mumu is basically opposite QuQu & always being the lazy ones who always like to sleep & dripping saliva on her favourite soft toy. MuMu likes to make fun of QuQu for having lack of hair and become botak head when growing old.

QuQu & MuMu: Packaging

QuQu & MuMu: Calendar

QuQu & MuMu: Pop-up standy/Bookmark

QuQu & MuMu: Calendar Poster