Department of Industry Services (DIS)

Client: Collaboration with DIS (Final Year Project, 2005)
Team project with Jane, Sharon, Suh Yi & Estrina

DIS Showcase is a corporate marketing product that is delivered in collaboration with Department of Industry Services (DIS) of Singapore Polytechnic. DIS intends to market their services to the public by utilising multimedia technology. The primary target audience is companies while students and other members of the public are the secondary target audience.

The initial objective of this project is to disseminate information about DIS services to the companies, students and other members of the public. Other objectives are to interest companies in wanting to form partnerships with DIS and to showcase the achievements of DIS.

In order to fulfil the objectives, DIS Showcase consists of:
• A multimedia CD-ROM presentation
• A hybrid website (HTML-based website with some Flash components)

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